This web page is the test web page listed in GSMA TS.29 and applicable for Browser Performance testing. Within TS.29 Browser Performance Test Case Guideline there are test cases covering key browsing use cases, to support the measurement of the performance of web browsers and user experience of web applications. These test cases outline the rationale, initial configuration, test procedure and expected results; they are non-binding and non-exclusive. Operators, terminal manufacturers and test houses are free to perform additional or alternative tests. These tests only provide the methodology to be used and not the minimum required performance values. The performance results produced by the tests are intended to give benchmarks for the operators to use when comparing mobile terminals’ browser performance. TS.29 has been compiled with the intent to test browser performance, considering the pre-installed browser configuration in the light of the overall device system performance. This does not preclude a tester from installing additional browsers and also test these with the test cases defined in TS.29. This test web page, referenced in TS.29 for browser testing, will be enhanced as needed. Should you have any questions or comments, please send these to terminals@gsma.com Date: January 2015